You are dealing with German speaking business people?

We are German residing and working in the UK and we will help you to translate your message.

How may we help you?

London-Stansted is a part of Germany

Use our German phone system to make calls inside the German phone system.

Phone Conference with Germany was never easier.

User Friendliness

full private mail

separate private address for directors or shareholders for exclusive private use. 2-weekly forwarding, packages are available.

Full Business Address

we will accept all incoming letters and communication for your company.

Registered Office UK

annual fee of EUR 65 only

Registered Office London

Registered Office in London (Bishop’s Stortford Airport Stansted) for UK Limited, PLC or LLP. We are forwarding mail from Companies House and Tax Department on a 2-weekly basis. Annual Fee: EUR 89 Order HERE

Full Mail London

English Office-Address in London (Bishop’s Stortford) with complete forwarding for 1 month. We accept any mail and forward it to you. Your mail will be sent to the destination of your choice every 2 weeks (regardless of country). This offer is also suitable for private addresses of directors or shareholders who need a postal address. […]